Mission: Helping teens hit their target

Help teens use their “slingshot” to hit the target that God has for their life.
Slingshot = Gifts and talents that teens have or are developing. Every teen has a different gift/ability (Slingshot) that can be used and enjoyed.

What does Slingshots want to see happen?

A. Lives changed. Teens challenged in education, vocational training, emotionally and spiritually
B. Adults investing in the lives of teens – Mentoring
C. Teens leading teens – Student leadership training.
D. Teens making a difference in their community – Serving!
E. The Bible taught with the intention to impact lives
F. Training students vocationally – preparing them to make a contribution in the community
G. Creating environments where teens will want to come. Building relationships so that they will want to come back.
H. Connect teens and families to the local church, organizations that will help teens, clubs, etc.
I. Helping teens become a productive part of the community and impacting their peers and possibly the world.

A Slingshots location in all 77 neighborhoods of Chicago. Please consider a donation to make this goal a reality. If we help teens in Chicago – We help Chicago!


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 SLINGSHOTS will offer the following:

1. Vocational training for carpentry and culinary arts. 

2. Wednesday night youth group (AWANA) 6:45 – 8:30. Bible study, small group, Bible memory and games. 

3. Music. A room full of instruments where teens can learn to play guitars, drums, keyboards, etc. 

4. Art. Students have a space where they can draw, sketch and display their artwork.

5. Slingshots boutique. A place where teens can get clothes free. *Accepting donations of new and gently used clothes for teens.

6. Basketball. Weekly basketball games organized so that all can play. 

7. Encouragement. Slingshots staff and volunteers will work hard to encourage teens in all areas of life.

SLINGSHOTS will partner with local churches, businesses and organizations to reach out to teens and their families.

In the Old Testament God used a shepherd boy who was good with a SLINGSHOT to hit the target – Goliath. For David it was a SLINGSHOT – but for other teens it will be something else that they use to hit their target in life. When David hit his target and the giant fell, he ignited the armies of Israel and they pursued and God gave them victory. SLINGSHOTS wants to help teens impact the lives of other teens and ignite those around them to pursue all that God has for them.