Help us reach teens in Chicago

Hi Friends,

Please help Slingshots reach teens in Chicago. We continue to help teens in vocational training (Carpentry/Fashion merchandising), education, emotional support and of course spiritual guidance.

We are praying that God will help us do this all over the city of Chicago. For just over 2.5 million dollars a year we believe that we can have a Slingshots location in all 77 neighborhoods of the city.

Our current location on the north side of Chicago has reached over 1,500 students in the first three years. Multiply that by 77 neighborhoods over and we would be helping over 115,500 teens in the next three years.

If we help the teens of Chicago – We help Chicago!

Please consider becoming a monthly donor or making a donation to Slingshots so that we can help teens hit their target in life.

Donate at

Slingshots 3859 N. Central Ave. Chicago, IL 60634