Items Needed

items needed 2

Maybe you can help provide some of the needed items for Slingshots teen center. Check out the list below. If you have any of the items below and would like to donate them to Slingshots – or if you would like to provide the funds needed to purchase the items please contact Bob Anderson at

Items for new location

1. Carpet squares 150 square feet
2. Carpet squares 275 square feet (new SS Boutique area)
3. Cafe tables (5-6 total depending on size)
4. Keyboards (piano) for new music room
5. Shelving units for food pantry (all the same).
6. Sofa/love seat/chair in good shape for cafe/snack/game room area
7. Desks/tables (skinny tables) for computer lab (preferably all the same)
8. Metal brace/frame made to get basketball hoops out from the wall (need two).


New testaments (NIV or NLT)
Bibles (NIV or NLT)
Devotional books


Video games (Xbox 360, PS3, PS4) and game controllers
Card games
Unusual games (carnival, arcade, etc.)

Snack Shop

Drinks (soda, juice, water, Gatorade, etc.)
Small bags of chips/pretzels
Granola bars

 Sound system

Guitar amps
Mics (wireless, belt packs)

Computer printer Ink

Epson work horse 3450 Ink – 125, 126, 127


Vocational Training

Note: Slingshots is mindful of student safety. If you have tools that you would like to donate please make sure they are in good shape. We want students to learn from with the tools that are being used in the work world today. Slingshots will not use antique tools or supplies.



Hammers, Wrenches, Screw drivers, Hand saws, Tape measures, Levels, Straight edges, Carpenter pencils, Powered drills, Cordless drills, Drill bits

 Fashion Merchandising

Hangers (child, adult) Black wooden hangers

Clothes – New or gently worn – Baby to 18 year olds
Shoes – New or gently worn – Baby to 18 year olds

Clothing bins for extra clothers/shoes*Think displays for a nice boutique



Laptops, printers
Power strips