Slingshots Has Moved!

Slingshots has now moved! We are in our new location and it is amazing! We have increased 60 teens a week on average – now averaging over 210 teens a week and growing. We have added a Thursday night basketball program where over 60 boys have been playing. We are working toward adding a food pantry to help Slingshots families – we will continue our carpentry classes, student leadership, Bible study and our Slingshots boutique (we have given away over 2,200 clothing items to teens). We would like to open a Slingshots in all 77 Chicago neighborhoods. Please help us by making a donation. We can open a new Slingshots in every neighborhood for $25,000 – that would work out to $2 million a year. When we help teens in Chicago – We help Chicago. Please consider making a donation to help the teens in Chicago.