Vocational Training

Slingshots Vocational Training



Slingshots students will learn the basics of carpentry. Students will learn how to use many different tools and from time to time build a project. Projects could be anything from a bird house to a bunk bed set.
The carpentry class may spill over into plumbing, painting and other household fixes to help students learn how to take care of a house.

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Fashion Merchandising

Students will learn how to merchandise a store. This will help them with many future jobs. Slingshots will teach students how to set up a store. Specifically students are setting up Slingshots Boutique. A clothing store by teens for teens. Teens that have a clothing need can come to Slingshots Boutique and get the clothes that they need free of charge.
Students will learn to merchandise boys and girls clothing along with shoes and other accessories. Students will learn how to make sense of clothes on a rack. Putting clothes in the right order will help customers when they are shopping.
Slingshots is helping teens get ready for the working world.

Clothes Needed: If you have new or gently used clothes/shoes/belts for teens to donate please contact Bob Anderson at slingshotschicago@gmail.com. Slingshots Boutique also needs underwear – This can only be brand new.  During winter season we need boots, coats, hats and gloves.


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If you have any of these items and would like to donate to Slingshots please contact Bob Anderson at slingshotschicago@gmail.com